Weight loss story: “I swapped my regular meals with low-carb foods and lost 45 kilos”

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Breakfast: One apple or banana with a cup of black coffee

12 noon: One glass carrot juice

Lunch: Oats/brown rice/a bowl of salad/idli sambar/besan chilla and sometimes one chapati with seasonal veggies

Evening snack: 5 almonds + a cup of green tea

Dinner: Protein shake + 100 gm papaya

Pre-workout: A cup of black coffee

Post- workout meal: 250 gm low fat paneer

I indulge in (What you eat on your cheat days): I eat whatever I am craving for and then manage the rest of the calories intake.

Low-calorie recipes I swear by: Besan Chilla, oats chilla , dhokla and Idli Sambar

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